Finestrino Film Co.

We are a film production studio focused on visual storytelling. With roots in event films, documentaries, and experience on major Hollywood productions, we bring a signature look to films for businesses, brands, artists, and makers of beautiful things. We work hard and aren’t afraid to dream big.

We complete projects with passion and professionalism. We believe that the personal hopes and fears that make us feel the most alone are exactly what we share in common. Sharing these goals and challenges is what connects people.

Our name, Finestrino, comes from an Italian word that means “little window.” Our core values come from Italian traditions of family, generosity, and attention to detail. The film set is our table and the stories shared here are worth sharing with a friend.


Brian Russell

Since his origins in event films, Brian has turned his attention to documentary development. His second feature premiered in theaters in 2018.

“Questions before answers.”


Jake Warren

A unique background of formal film education and years of experience in the props department on major motion pictures has developed Jake’s distinct visual style. He loves to share his experiences in film production & direction to help others tell their stories.

“Fix it in prep.”

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Selected Works